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How Video Advertising Helps

Roots Marketing has built a unique platform to help your business get noticed in the community.

Our video advertising network is located in over 200 high-traffic locations across Ontario, including restaurants, salons, gyms, hotels, medical centres, government offices, hospitals, and more.

Video ads run for 20 or 30-second segments, with TVs operating on a maximum loop of 22 minutes.

The Roots TV network hosts an average audience of 2.19 million people per month and our advertisers are guaranteed that their video will play over 200,000 times per month.

Hyperlocal Targeting

Your business can target a hyperlocal audience in a specific community, or multiple communities across Ontario.

Affordable Visibility

Video ads are a cost-effective way to get your message in front of your community’s active consumers and to see a quick ROI.

Customer Engagement

TVs are located in high-traffic environments and engage consumers with the hyper-relevant content they’re looking for.

In-Depth Reporting

Innovative technology allows us to measure and report on the audience size, dwell times and impressions in real-time.

Who We Serve

At Roots Marketing, we partner with a range of businesses to provide local video advertising services in Ontario.
Learn more about who we serve below.


Get better value for your client’s advertising budget. Leverage our extensive partner networks and provide increased visibility for your clients in communities across Ontario.


Do you want to get noticed in your local community? Use our video advertising to showcase your specials, highlight high-margin products, or raise awareness for your services.


Improve awareness and visibility for your regional business, while ensuring a consistent message. Select specific communities in Ontario and start getting noticed today.


Are you starting a new business and looking to spread the word? Our New Business Program invests in your organization and helps raise local awareness for your products or services.

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