What Is The Intrigue Video Network?

The Intrigue video network is spread across Southern Ontario and has thousands of viewers every day. It’s a great tool to get your local business noticed and found by your community and it’s easier to navigate than you may think.

Our TVs are located at local businesses in different communities. We also have TVs in many Service Ontario locations. We call these locations hosts.

When a new business decides to join our network and become a host location, we will install a TV, connect it to a network, and create host videos. These host videos will play just at their location along with the full video network ads that play everywhere else.

During each host location’s business hours our ad loop will play. Each ad is guaranteed to play at least once every 20 minutes, and it will play along with other ads, community news and events, trivia, and weather updates.

The Intrigue Video Advertising Network hosts an average audience of 1.48 million people/month and our advertisers are guaranteed that their video will play at least 134,854 times/month. When we play a video on our network, we’re making sure that people are finding your business.

To become a part of our growing network, or to advertise on our screens, all you need to do is reach out! Contact the team member in your city to join the network, and get noticed and get found com

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